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HomeWhy Is My Business Not Showing Up on Google Maps?

One of the most useful digital tools your business can leverage is local SEO, particularly Google Maps. Showing up on a map of the local area means your customers can find your business more easily and that anyone searching for a service or product you provide can quickly locate your company.

What’s more, if someone is looking at the local area (whether they are a local resident or just visiting), your business will be visible. Therefore, if they need your product or service, appearing on Google Maps is a form of passive advertising.

However, showing up on Google Maps can be challenging, especially if you are a small business and haven’t garnered many reviews or search traffic to your website. Furthermore, several easy mistakes can prevent you from showing up on Google Maps. These include a lack of location authority, a lack of verification on Google My Business, or a possible GMB suspension.

To help your business show up on Google Maps, here are a few useful tips:

Your Website Lacks Location Authority

Your business might not be showing up on Google Maps because your website lacks location authority. This factor greatly influences whether your business shows up on Google Maps, and without it, your company might only be visible when people are looking close to your address.

Essentially, location authority expands the total radius your business can be detected on Google Maps and is thus crucial to your overall visibility. Your brand will need more information and influence than other nearby businesses competing with you to increase your location authority. The best way to outrank your competitors in this regard is to be consistent and accurate with your business information and citations across the internet.

These citations include your brand name, precise address (property name, street name, city, and zip code), work phone number, and web address. The details you provide on your website, social media, databases like Yelp, TrustPilot, Info Group, and other platforms must match the details on your Google My Business page exactly. If it doesn’t, your brand will be punished with poor ranking performance.

Tip: If you are struggling to improve your visibility on Google Maps, reach out to a specialist like

You’re Not Verified on Google My Business

Another reason why you might be lacking visibility is that you’re not verified on Google My Business. A simple way to find out whether you are or not is to search for your business name and location on Google. Your details should be displayed on the right-hand side of the page.

If, at the bottom of your listing, Google asks, “do you own this business?” you know your business is not verified. The best way to verify your company is to create your Google My Business page and request a verification postcard. This then gives you the code you need to verify your account.

Your GMB Has Been Suspended

If your company has been suspended from Google My Business, it will not appear on Google Maps. Suspension may have occurred for several reasons:

  • You may have updated your business information and are waiting for Google to approve the changes
  • You have a virtual office
  • Google doubts your address validity (and requires photographic evidence)
  • You used a forwarding URL as your official URL on Google My Business

Whatever the case, it’s crucial to identify these issues and rectify them as soon as possible. That way, you can get your business showing up on Google Maps and start attracting customers – fast.